Belgian processed potatoes

Processed potatoes

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In just a few decades the Belgian potato processing industry has grown into the world's largest exporter of pre-fried potato products.
All over the world you can therefore enjoy the original Belgian fries. In 2022 the export of processed potatoes amounted to no less than 3.4 million tonnes.

Million tonnes of potato processing

In 2022, more than 6 million tons of potatoes were processed in Belgium, mainly in Flanders, into a wide range of potato products: chilled and frozen fries, puree products, crisps, granules, flakes ...

50 %
Share of destinations outside Europe

The importance of third countries for our Belgian chip exporters is rising sharply. In 2022, the share of non-European markets already amounts to 50%, an increase of 14% compared to 10 years ago.

About Flemish processed potatoes

Think of gourmet Belgium and naturally you think of beer, chocolate and of course Belgian fries. Belgian frietkot culture has even been recognised as intangible cultural heritage. So it’s no wonder that Belgium is a specialist in the area of processing potatoes. Want to buy high-quality fries? Then look no further than your Belgian supplier.

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